RM Cup Archive

This is the complete list of the winners of the Railway Modeller Cup: click on the layout title to see a cover image, or page from the magazine featuring the winning layout from each year. 
1953Putting the timetable into operationby Norman Eagles (O, February & March)
1954The Craig & Mertonford Light Railwayby P D Hancock (4mm OO & OO9, April & May)
1955Developments on the CMRby P D Hancock (4mm OO & OO9, November)
1956Irish International & Tramway Systemby Cyril L Fry (O, April, May & June)
1957The Tyling Branchby Ken Payne (4mm EM, April)
1958Developments on the Buckingham Branchby the Rev. Peter Denny (4mm EM, July & August)
1959A Magnificent Systemby C H Philo (4mm OO, February & March)
1960Putting the clock back at Craigby P D Hancock (4mm OO & OO9, April & May)
1961The Denny Specialby the Rev. Peter Denny (4mm EM, seven articles in June)
1962The North Devonshire Railwayby Ken Northwood (4mm OO, October)
1963Birkenhead Jointby Eric H Fisher (4mm OO, October)
1964Marthwaiteby David Jenkinson (4mm EM, June)
1965Isle of Man in miniatureby Jim Lawton (OOn3, July)
1966Marthwaite revisedby David Jenkinson (4mm EM, November & December)
1967Porthlevenby Dave Howsam (4mm OO, July)
1968Eastbourneby Vivien Thompson (4mm OO, January, February & October)
1969Buckingham renewedby the Rev. Peter Denny (4mm EM, September)
1970Garsdale Roadby David Jenkinson (4mm EM, April & May)
1971Stanley to Stratford St Andrewby Maj. Wally Mayhew (O, January)
1972Ashoverby Bill Hudson (4mm OO, January, February & March)
1973Yatton Junctionby the Yatton Junction Group (4mm OO, September)
1974Midhantsby the Midhants Model Railway Group (4mm OO, January)
1975Totnesby Mike Cook (4mm OO, January & February)
1976Rewley Roadby the Oxford Model Railway Club (4mm OO, November)
1977Long Suffernby the Newport (Gwent) Model Railway Society (4mm OO, April)
1978Pendleburyby H J Topping (4mm P4, January, March, June & August)
1979Bromford & High Peakby Col. R J Hoare (O, December)
1980Chiltern Greenby The Model Railway Club (2mm & N, April)
1981Wyndlesham Coveby Barry Norman (4mm P4, September)
1982The Llaniog Vale Railwayby Bob Tedbury (OO9, October)
1983Luton Hooby the 2mm group of The Model Railway Club (2mm, January)
1984Nempnett Thrubwellby the Butcombe Junction Group (4mm OO, April)
1985Beddgellynby Dick Wyatt & Tony Hill (OO9, April)
1986Invuraweby Richard Lane (4mm OO, October)
1987Blaenycwmby the North Gwent Railway Modellers (4mm OO, May)
1988Scotland Streetby Dave Elbourne (4mm P4, September)
1989Westburyby Andy McMillan (N, January)
1990Hursleyby Martyn Welch (O, November)
1991Chee Torby the 2mm group of the Manchester Model Railway Society (2mm, November)
1992Nether Stoweyby Andy Calvert (N, September)
1993Hebden Junctionby Peter T Wall (4mm OO, July)
1994Runswick Bayby the Keighley 7mm Group (O, May & September)
1995Jamaica Reachby the North Devon Model Railway Club (4mm OO, September)
1996Askrigg Bankby the Kendal Model Railway Club (4mm OO, March, April & September)
1997Gas Worksby the Yeovil Model Railway Group (O, April)
1998Millport Victoriaby Norman Heaton (4mm OO, December)
1999Whitley South Dockby Michael Thomas (4mm OO, April & May)
2000Dewsbury Midlandby the Manchester Model Railway Society (4mm OO, December)
2001Birstall Townby Steve Walker (4mm OO, June & July)
2002Selwicks Quayby David Harrison (4mm OO, August)
2003Wickleyby Simon Homewood (4mm OO, February)
2004Hudson Roadby Jon Grant (4mm OO, January & March)
2005Kingsfieldby the Barnhill Model Railway Club (4mm OO, May)
2006Watlingtonby Bill Brown (4mm OO, July)
2007Cheddarby Simon & Chris Challis (4mm P4, September)
2008Rowland's Castleby Peter Goss (4mm OO, November & December)
2009Loch Oranby David Harrison (N, December)
2010Baddlesmere, Barham & Stowhurstby John Chapman (4mm OO, July)
2011Porth St Johnby the North Devon Model Railway Club (4mm OO, June)
2012Bath Green Parkby the Taunton Model Railway Group (4mm OO, January)
2013The Gresley Beatby Cliff Parsons (4mm OO, December)
2014Melton Mowbray Northby John Spence & Steve Weston
2015The Worlds Endby Julie & Peter Goss
2016The Summitby members of the Yeovil Model Railway Group
2017Sidmouthby Richard Harper



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