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Railway Modeller is published on the second Thursday every month. With over 80 pages of editorial in each issue it offers great value.
We pride ourselves in being the only British model railway magazine whereby virtually all the features are written by the readers themselves, in their own words and often including their own photographs and plans. If you are interested in contributing, or having your layout featured, please contact the editor in the first instance enclosing some brief details - see Contact RM page for contact address.
The editorial team is located at Peco Headquarters in Beer, Seaton, Devon. 
Editor & Photographer:                            STEVE FLINT
Production Editor:                                    TIM RAYNER
Features Writer & Photographer           CRAIG TILEY
Editorial Assistant:                                   INGRID ROSE
Art Director:                                             ADRIAN STICKLAND
Review Photographer:                             JOLYON SARGENT
Societies & Clubs:                                   INGRID ROSE
General & Advertisement Manager:       JOHN KING
Advertisement Assistant:                         SUE DAVIS
Classified Advertisements:                      NICOLE CHARLTON
Direct Subscriptions:                                ALICIA KNIGHT
Editorial Director:                                     C. M. PRITCHARD


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