Railway Modeller April 2017

April 2017 – vol 68 No.798 
Building Wills Craftsman kits
These versatile products will repay the care and thought undertaken during ther construction. This handy 16-page Shows You How booklet guides you through the processes, with several of the kits illustrated step-by-step, including details and painting.
John Cox shows us round the latest exhibition layout in 4mm scale built by members of the North Gwent Railway Modellers, showcasing the station in GWR/LMS times.
A layout in 150 hours
Andy Peters built Porth Merryn in OO to meet an exhibition deadline – his own club’s open day.
Cherryburn Barns
Following on from the scale drawings of the house at Mickley, Northumberland (last month), Peter Brown turns his attention to the outbuildings, also modelled in N.
Locomotives for Northcastle
Over the many decades that his OO gauge empire has been under construction, Alan Hackett has amassed a wide variety of stock, some of which can be seen here.
Neely – for ‘nearly Ely’ is the title of Terry Metcalfe’s project to model the Cambridgeshire junction as it is today. Some 3D printed EMU bodies helped him along.
Helical gradients
Helices – or spirals – are popular devices in North American modellers’ layout plans, but rarer in the UK. Needing some for his new N gauge project, Mick Clarke presents the results of his experiments.
Wimborne Railway Society member Gordon Edgar explains how the group’s local station, in Dorset, came to be recreated in OO gauge during BR steam days.
What if…?
Never-built railways are plentiful sources of inspiration to layout builders, but never-built locos? Paul D Smith imagined two BR Standard 4-6-2s, and built them in OO.
Digital contouring
Backscene maestro Paul Bambrick demonstrates how a free internet program can assist in creating a guide to a photo-realistic backscene of any location.
Devil's Bridge
Travel back in time and up the Rheidol Valley in the company of Eddie & Rachael Field, to see the VoR terminus in the Great Western period in OO9.
Morton Stanley
Chris Ford and Nigel Hill set themselves the task of turning all their left-over modelling items into one O-16.5 layout, with a modest space and budget.
Talking Points
Topical issues from the world of railway modelling. This month, editor Steve Flint considers the weighty topic of baseboard design and construction.
Another S&D
Not the Somerset & Dorset, but the Southampton & Dorchester, which built the line through Wimborne, as Tim Rayner explains
Asenby St Peter
In another of our ‘Whatever happened to…? features, Peter Simmerson updates us on this O gauge layout.
The Burtonport saga
Dr Alan Gee concludes his three-part saga on his OOn3 recreation of this western County Donegal terminus.
Paul Doran constructed this OO gauge terminus with a versatile sector plate/cassette fiddle yard arrangement.
Rose-tinted memories
Geoffrey B Heckford’s pre-war memories are made real behind his railway room door, on two levels in OO gauge.
Project of the Month – Adapting plastic structure kits
Bob Phelps turned a couple of Peco office buildings into a modern main line station building in OO.
Figure painting guide
Ian Thompson demonstrates how the Peco Modelscene figures are finished off.
Opinions and observations across the field of railway modelling. This month, John Rodway postulates that Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was a landscape modeller.
Readers’ Letters
Latest Reviews
Reviewed this month are the Lynton & Barnstaple 2-6-2T in OO9 from Heljan; the Dapol 'Black Label' A4 Pacific; the Heljan GWR 1361 0-6-0ST in OO; more new items from Bachmann in OO including a Northern Belle Class 57; slate wagons from Peco in OO9; structure modelling products from York Modelmaking; and much more.
Book reviews
Including the results of the 2016 Railway Modeller Cup Competition; samples of the Hatton's Warwell wagons in OO; progress with the Dapol O gauge LMS 3F; EP samples of the Bachmann Freightliner flat wagons in OO; the Connoisseur Models LNER F7 2-4-2T kit in O gauge; and much more.
Societies & Clubs
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